October, 2019

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Best Blackjack hands

Every time we sit down at a blackjack table or in front of our computers, we always hope that we will be dealt a natural.

We hope for it whether we’re really aware of it or not. And most of the time this is an unfulfilled hope.

So what should we hope to be dealt if we aren’t dealt 21? That should be an easy answer you either want an Ace-9 or a 10-10.

And would you believe that many, many blackjack players mis-play these two hands?

First, the Ace-9. Because it could be called a soft 20 (and who really calls it a soft 20? It’s a 20!), a good many blackjack players will either hit on this hand or double down. It’s the Ace that throws them. They see that Ace and think that they can play this hand as hard 10. Which is why so many players will also try to double down on it.

Never hit or double down on an Ace-9. Forget the soft part of this hand, and look at the fact that you have 20 in your hand! The only thing that can beat you is if the dealer has a natural blackjack. And if the dealer has 20 also, it’s only a push and you haven’t money.

Now the other hand: 10-10. Because this is a pair, many less-knowledgeable blackjack players will split this. And, again, they are failing to see what is in their hand. They see the opportunity to split and play with two hands. But in the long run they will lose more money by splitting.

Instead look at a 10-10 for what it is: a 20. Never ever split it.

It’s best to just leave these two blackjack hands be and play with them as they are. So incorporate into your blackjack strategy to play with Ace-9 and 10-10 as they are.

Regarding the 10-10 you will have around 70% of you winnings between the 10-10 and the always loved Ace-10. So what hands make up the other 30% of your winnings? And how do you play them so that you win when dealt them?

There are five hands that will make up most of the other 30% of your winnings: 10-9, Ace-9, Ace-8, 11 and 10. And each of these hands has their own way of being played.

Ace-21: Do nothing and just take your winnings.

10-10: Just a quick recap. Even though this is a pair, this is one of those pairs that you never split when playing blackjack. Just play it out as a hard 20.

10-9: Even though this isn’t worth 20, this is still a decent hand; the dealer can only beat you if he has 20 or a natural blackjack. With this hand you will want to stand.

Ace-9: Although this is a soft hand, because of the Ace, you need to stand here, playing this hand as a hard 20. It might be tempting to reduce the Ace to 1 and hit on a hard 10, but why throw away a hand that can only be beaten by a dealer’s natural blackjack? If you hit there’s no guarantee that do better than the 20 you had. So your best bet is to stand on an Ace-9.

Ace-8: Again, like the Ace-9, you will want to play this hand as if it were a hard hand. Ignore the urge you may have to hit on what could be a hard 9. The principle here, and with the Ace-9, is not to ignore an opportunity like you have with most soft hands; what you are doing here is taking advantage of a strong hand that you most likely will not better if you choose to hit. Stand on a soft 19.

11: With hard 11 it’s best to just fork over the money to increase you original bet, and go ahead and double down, especially if the dealer is showing a 10 or less. Yes, you will only receive one more card, but you already have a good starting place. If you’re a card counter and the deck is rich in high grades, defiantly double down.

10: And you will want to double with a hard 10 as long as the dealer is showing 9 or less. Also for card counters, like with the hard 11, make sure to double down here if the remaining deck is rich in high cards.

Security at Online Casinos

New online casino players usually begin playing in the fun mode, and even when they desire to shift to the real money mode, they cannot help but worry about the safety of their financial details and their hard-earned money. But players can rest assured because online casino operators are more concerned than them about online casino security and go out of their way to create a fun and entertaining, while simultaneously safe and secure, online gaming environment for their gaming customers. After all, online casinos need to give top priority to online casino security issues if they want to retain customers, attract new ones, and stay in business.

Online casinos maintain security in three different ways. First, the most secure online casinos are those licensed and regulated by regulatory bodies such as the Lotteries and Gambling Association (LGA) of Malta, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC), and others. Second, online casinos bearing the seal and certification of industry watchdogs such as eCOGRA can be trusted to be the most secure online casinos in the industry. Third, online casinos adopt the latest in encryption technology to ensure that players’ financial details are safe and secure. This technology also includes facilities to detect fraud and cheating and to prevent it.

While searching for secure an online casino to play craps or online slots, you should therefore ensure that it uses the latest and most sophisticated online gaming security technology to keep private financial information safe and secure. They should also check the online casino’s privacy policy and ensure that the online casino never reveals customers’ personal information to third party companies.

Online casinos are secure if they use the same encryption technology that credit card companies, banks, and other financial institutions use. Secure online casinos are those that prioritize player privacy issues, owing to which they adopt 128-bit SSL encryption technology. Moreover, secure online casinos allow players to view a detailed history of their financial transactions to ensure transparency and eliminate any chances of players’ becoming the victims of unscrupulous Internet cheats and identity thieves.

Players should also understand that they need to take a few basic precautions to protect themselves even if they have registered at the most secure online casinos. In the first place, players should never register a real play account at any casino until and unless they have researched it well.

For security purposes, online casinos send emails requesting players to change their passwords. If players get such an email, they must change their passwords after logging in directly at the online casino. They must never click on the link provided in the email because it could be a scam.

As previously mentioned, secure online casinos always allow players to check details of their monetary transactions. Players can compare these details with the details on their bank statements to ensure that the two statements tally. Whenever in doubt, players can immediately contact the online casino’s customer support system through email or live chat. The best and most secure online casinos have excellent customer care services, willing to assist players round the clock.

Online Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions Explained

The online casino industry has managed to make the bonus terms and conditions a very confusing issue. Even if a very good number of online casinos out there are going to offer you some fair terms regarding the bonuses, it is vital that you understand clearly these terms, so that you will not have any surprises after making a deposit.

Right now it is very important that you understand exactly the terms and conditions of an online casino bonus. In order to enjoy the bonuses that you will receive you have to meet certain requirements. Currently there is no online casino out there to offer you a bonus with absolutely no wagering requirements or other types of restriction before cashing out your money.

However these terms are going to be different from one casino to another and it is up to you to understand exactly what casino can offer you the best bonus on the Internet.

Almost every casino online is going to credit the bonus automatically to your account in order to avoid any trouble for most online players. But at the same time there are a few online casinos that will require you to send them an e-mail after you make a deposit in order to have your account credited with the bonus money.

In case you don’t want to receive any bonus make sure that you get in touch with the online casino before making a deposit.

All online casinos are going to give you bonuses with some terms and conditions. This means that in order to be able to cash out the bonus money you must meet such wagering requirements.

So you must make sure that you read these conditions and understand them before you actually sign up and make your deposit. The terms will most of the time require you to wager around 7 to 20 times the amount of bonus that you receive or the deposit plus the bonus.

The conditions to convert your bonus will be different from one casino to the next. On average the bonus requirements are around 15 times, anything above that number is normally not a great deal.

Some online casinos are going to offer you a so called sticky bonus. The difference between this type of bonus and other bonuses is the fact that you will never be able to cash out such a bonus and this bonus will remain in your account after cashing out. It is only used so that you can make larger bets.

Another important part of the terms and conditions at online casinos is represented by the game restrictions. This means that the online casinos are only going to allow you to play certain games in order to clear the bonus. For example games like online craps or blackjack are usually not counting for the wagering requirements, unless you get a special bonus such as a blackjack bonus.

But at the same time there are some online casinos that will offer you special bonuses that can only be used for some games only. Read the bonus terms to know what you are getting into.

Blackjack as a Part-Time Profession

Whatever your day job is, you could earn a living by playing blackjack part-time. All you need is some knowledge of the basic strategy and some card counting skills.

With this know-how, you could become a part-time professional blackjack player. Before you proceed, make sure you have these three important things: family, casino security, and finance. You must make adjustments to your lifestyle accordingly.

This type of job does not come with medical or any other insurance so you should best be prepared. Also, your bankroll must be secure enough to withstand losing streaks. It is quite a major change in which the right decisions must be made.

If for example you earn under $100 per day in your regular job, and your gaming records indicate winning 5 times out of 6, you might consider playing blackjack professionally. If a table has a $5 minimum, and your bets are around $5 to $25, you could roughly earn around $30 in an hour. If you set a goal to win $100, you have to win 5 times about $120 to cover for the $100 loss on the 6th round.

There will be times when you could win more and times when you will lose more. There are also times when you only breakeven. Generally, if you play blackjack aside from your regular day job, you should be able to at least double your daily income.

Maintaining clean records will help you keep track of your wins and losses. It could also help you come up with a system of your own to help you see what improvements you can make to profit more from your regular job and from playing blackjack.

If you decide to make a complete transition into playing blackjack full time, you must make sure you can handle it in the long run. The basic strategy would be the same: a slow but sure approach is what earns most money. Players without a bankroll must be conservative to maintain game stability.

Some players apply the ‘takedown’ strategy by Jerry Patterson where players would place a bet when the count drops and not when it rises. Players could increase their advantage when wagering based on the count. In the long run, you will earn more money providing you have a sufficient bankroll to ride out on your losing streaks.

Without an adequate bankroll, you would end up quitting blackjack if your money runs out. The takedown strategy would be most effective in 1 and 2 deck games as 6 and 8 deck games are more difficult to beat.

A goal must be set to secure your winnings. Set out only a small portion of your winnings to continue playing other games. If you lose this, you should stop playing. If you are on a winning streak, maximize it and stop when you are losing.

You must learn to maximize your winnings and also minimize your losses. Remember, this is going to be a source of income now for you. Also watch the movie 21 for inspiration on how to make big money playing blackjack professionally.

Online Bingo

Online Bingo is one of those games that give you instant enjoyment and at the same time, introduce you to a friendly community of online players.

Playing bingo is similar to playing the lottery in the sense that both are simple forms of gambling. It is as simple as getting lucky on choosing the winning card or ticket. Of course, some kind of financial return is also expected in the long run.

Current bingo software is set to return around 30-35 percent to the operators. This means that for every dollar you spend, the operator earns around 0.30 to 0.35 cents from it. The rest goes to the jackpot as prize money, with percentages specified for a progressive jackpot.

While some believe that operators take more than that deserve, it wouldn’t actually benefit them in any way as they would lose more money in the long run if players were to move out to another online bingo site. Bigger prizes mean more players, which will translate to better profit.

Online bingo fun

To make sure that you are playing at a reputable bingo site, make sure that it has been approved by the Gaming Commission or Game Auditors. Such logo should be prominent on their homepage. All websites licensed with the European Union are also highly regulated and therefore trustworthy.

You can see for yourself if a site is paying out regularly by checking the number of players against the level of jackpots. If there are a lot of players fighting for a reasonable jackpot, then it is safe to say that it is a successful site with good payout rates.

The number of players at a given time determines your odds of winning. The thing about bingo is that the game does not end until somebody wins, and it just might as well be you. It is advisable to avoid outrageous marketing ploys and promotions that look statistically improbable. It’s best to keep the game simple, and your expectations reasonable.

Even if the odds are against the player, surveys show that the online bingo industry is growing at a fast rate. Some have attributed the growth to the sheer number of people who use the Internet everyday. Psychologists confirmed that the internet itself is addictive, however, recent studies show that it could actually improve overall reactive mental abilities in all ages.

Playing Bingo online may just be a part of an Internet user’s time online. The demographics are shifting as well. Bingo establishments used to focus on grandmothers or the more elderly people. But today, 90% of online bingo players are below 50 years old.

So basically, playing online bingo is like taking a random chance in hopes of winning instantly. So whether it is gambling or entertainment, online bingo has certainly proved to be a pleasurable experience that you might just try again sometime soon.

Blackjack card counting

In Blackjack, it is actually possible for players to beat the house by developing card counting skills and techniques. Although it takes much practice and discipline, card counting is actually possible, and legal. This is what the MIT Blackjack team did as depicted in the movie 21.

There are in fact many methods and systems that could be used to count cards but the most common one is the Hi Lo Method. This is also the simplest method and it is advisable to master this method first if a player is set on conquering the blackjack tables by card counting.

It is done by keeping track of the ratio of high cards and low cards which have not yet been dealt. This ratio would then be used to determine whether or not a player has an advantage over the house. It is called Hi Lo because it keeps track of the high cards which are the tens, jacks, queens, kings and aces, and low cards which are comprised of two through six. Neutral cards are seven, eight, and nine; however they hold no value and are therefore not included in the count.

So basically, high cards are assigned a value of -1, and low cards are assigned a value of +1. At the beginning of a game, a player does a running count by using 0 as your starting value. For each card being dealt, a player must add or subtract a value accordingly. With 52 cards in a deck, all values should ad to zero when counted correctly.

It is recommended to practice with a deck of cards and just flip though all of them; they should always sum up to zero. It is very important to be precise when counting because if you miss counting a single card it could completely ruin your calculations. You might make a misinformed decision based on an inaccurate count.

To be more accurate in multi-deck tables, the running count should be converted to the true count by dividing the running count by the number of decks still remaining in the shoe. If for example your running count is 15 but there are still 3 decks that haven’t been dealt yet, you just divide 15 by 3 which gives you a true count of 5.

Again it is important to practice until you have perfected the Hi Lo counting method. Basically, you bet more if you have a positive count (which means more low numbers are already dealt), since there is a high chance for the dealer to get a high card, thus going bust. If the count is negative, decrease your bet since there is a lower chance of winning.

If you master this technique and more advanced ones, you could become a professional blackjack player. Quite an interesting profession. But note that for obvious reasons casinos do not allow card counting so make sure you do not get caught by the casino security as they will ban you from the casino.

Video Poker Tips

Many online players love to enjoy video poker because of all of the excitement it has to offer. There are many styles of video poker games for players to choose from and this means players with all different kinds of tastes will be accommodated. Some of the popular video poker games include Joker Wild, Deuce’s Wild, Jacks or Better, King of the Decks, and many others. When you decide to go online and play, you should make sure to follow these basic video poker tips so you will have the best time possible.

You should make sure you have a complete understanding of how the video poker game you have chosen to play works, this is one of the best video poker tips a player could be given. Each of the styles of video poker will have their own rules and you need to know the rules for the specific game you have decided to play.

If you are new to the game of video poker, then you will want to bet on the lower denomination machines while you learn and become more experienced. Once you become better at the game, then you can start playing the higher denominations.

You want to make sure that you don’t rush any decisions. Feel free to take your time so you can be confident about your choices. You want to really think through your moves and feel good about your selections.

If you receive a bad hand, don’t worry about drawing five cards, sometimes this is the best decision you can make. If you have nothing to work with to begin with, then it’s a good idea to start fresh and see what comes of it.

Money management will be very important to online players. You want to make sure you never go over the amount of money you are able to lose without causing a financial hardship to yourself. You want to have enough discipline to walk away from the video poker game when you see that things are not going your way.

You will find that you can have a lot of fun and win some money for yourself by simply making wise choices and following a few simple video poker tips. If you have been curious about the online video poker games, you should go online and try one of them, you will see that they have a lot to offer.

Online Slots Tips

Online slot machines offer slots players everything they could ask for. They will be able to enjoy the type of slot machine they like the most, have a great time, and play for the chance to win quite a bit of cash.

In fact, many people notice that the online casino slot machines payout is better than the land based ones. This is due to the fact that the online casinos have much less overhead. Anyone who plans on playing the online slot machines will want to follow some simple slots tips which can really help them to have a better time and have more of a chance of winning that money. Here are some basic slots tips that can make all of the difference to players.

Players want to make sure that they choose the best online casino and they take advantage of the bonuses they are offered. The bonuses can give them even more money to play slots games with and that means the chance to win even more cash. This is one of the easiest slots tips that can produce great results. By taking a look at the bonuses and promotions before you choose an online casino, you will have a better chance of being satisfied with your decision.

Online slots also have a lot to offer players looking for a great time and the chance to make the most out of their slots play. There are many different styles of video slots and some of them offer players a lot of features which give them more chances to win. Some have a lot of bonus features, wilds, scatters, multipliers, and more. Anyone looking for the right slots game for them to play should think about choosing one that offers as much as possible. This is one of those slots tips to really pay attention to.

Some of the online slots offer progressive jackpots. One of the slots tips players want to make sure to remember is to always bet the maximum if they want to have a chance at winning the top jackpot or the progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot will keep a percentage of all of the bets placed on it and add it to the jackpot. This means that the jackpot can get surprisingly large and winning it can be an amazing occurrence for any slots player. Betting the max is a good tip to remember and can make all of the difference to slots players.

History of Craps

Craps is a game where players basically place bets on the outcome of a roll of the dice-of course, subject to several rules.

Variations include playing with more dice or wagering on a succession of rolls. Because it utilizes few objects, craps can be played virtually anywhere.

At present, there are different theories on the origins of the game of craps. The most prevalent one is that it is a simplified form of the Old English game, hazard.

The game can be traced back to 1125 CE, during the Crusades. It was said that the game had been conceived by Sir William of Tyre, supposedly with the help of his knights.

It quickly became the favored game of the Crusaders during the conquering of the castle Hazarth or Asart-hence the name of the game.

Another theory states that craps has Arabic roots because of the words ‘azzah’ or ‘al zah’ which can be translated into ‘the dice.’ It is said that craps in its initial format has reached Europe around the same time the Crusaders were supposedly starting to play the game Hazard.

Either way, the French started playing Hazard, eventually changing the name of the game into Craps. It supposedly came from ‘crapaud’ which means ‘toad’ in French. This is apparently because of the original way of playing it which involved people who squatted and stooped over a sidewalk or on the floor.

Another account says that the French converted the name to craps by means of corrupting the term that was given when a player would roll a 2, which was commonly referred to as ‘crabs.’

In 1813 the game of craps was modernized and brought into the mainstream by Bernard de Marigny in New Orleans. The game then proceeded to rapidly spread all over the United States. However with de Marigny’s version, there was a serious flaw brought about by the fact that people could only bet against the ‘shooter’ (the player throwing the dice). This has spawned several cheating methods including the use of weighted dice.

To deal with the massive cheating involved in the game, John Winn, who would later on be recognized as the father of modern craps, added various betting posts which included a ‘right’, a ‘wrong, and a ‘don’t pass.’ This made it possible for craps players to bet for or against the dice roller, the shooter, practically making the use of loaded dice to cheat impossible.

The final stage of the history of craps is of course the inventions of the Internet, online gaming and online craps. Technology continues to evolve and live online craps is the next frontier, making the game closer to the brick and mortar version.

Online Craps Tips

If you are thinking about heading online and enjoying the very popular game of craps, then you should learn craps tips so you can increase your chances of doing well and enjoying yourself.

The first thing to do is to make absolutely sure you are playing craps on an online casino you can trust. Be sure to choose one with a great reputation and powered by stable and reliable online casino software. One of the best craps tips an online craps player can pay close attention to and be sure to follow is to be very selective on where they play.

Another great craps tip for any player to follow is to make sure they have a good money management system in place which is realistic. Players want to be honest about how much money they really can afford to lose; this is the only money players should put in their account to play with.

You need to be disciplined enough to stick to the plan you have already made for yourselves. This will mean there will be times when you have to step away from the game. This can be hard, but there are times when this will be one of the best craps tips for any player to follow.

Another one of the good craps tips to keep in mind is to make sure you know the game. There are a lot of articles on line which will explain the game of craps in depth. One thing to remember is a lot of players spend huge amounts of cash paying for craps systems. This is unnecessary considering there is so much information available for free of charge. Players will want to cross reference the information they find and try to make use of the good information.

Another one of the very easy and helpful online craps tips that online players will want to make sure they get in the habit of following is to look for those generous craps bonuses so that they will be able to come up on even more cash just for doing simple things at the online casino they have chosen to play at. There are a lot of bonuses out there that help players to put quite a bit of extra money in their account and they can use that money to play more great craps games once they have cleared the bonus.