Blackjack as a Part-Time Profession

Whatever your day job is, you could earn a living by playing blackjack part-time. All you need is some knowledge of the basic strategy and some card counting skills.

With this know-how, you could become a part-time professional blackjack player. Before you proceed, make sure you have these three important things: family, casino security, and finance. You must make adjustments to your lifestyle accordingly.

This type of job does not come with medical or any other insurance so you should best be prepared. Also, your bankroll must be secure enough to withstand losing streaks. It is quite a major change in which the right decisions must be made.

If for example you earn under $100 per day in your regular job, and your gaming records indicate winning 5 times out of 6, you might consider playing blackjack professionally. If a table has a $5 minimum, and your bets are around $5 to $25, you could roughly earn around $30 in an hour. If you set a goal to win $100, you have to win 5 times about $120 to cover for the $100 loss on the 6th round.

There will be times when you could win more and times when you will lose more. There are also times when you only breakeven. Generally, if you play blackjack aside from your regular day job, you should be able to at least double your daily income.

Maintaining clean records will help you keep track of your wins and losses. It could also help you come up with a system of your own to help you see what improvements you can make to profit more from your regular job and from playing blackjack.

If you decide to make a complete transition into playing blackjack full time, you must make sure you can handle it in the long run. The basic strategy would be the same: a slow but sure approach is what earns most money. Players without a bankroll must be conservative to maintain game stability.

Some players apply the ‘takedown’ strategy by Jerry Patterson where players would place a bet when the count drops and not when it rises. Players could increase their advantage when wagering based on the count. In the long run, you will earn more money providing you have a sufficient bankroll to ride out on your losing streaks.

Without an adequate bankroll, you would end up quitting blackjack if your money runs out. The takedown strategy would be most effective in 1 and 2 deck games as 6 and 8 deck games are more difficult to beat.

A goal must be set to secure your winnings. Set out only a small portion of your winnings to continue playing other games. If you lose this, you should stop playing. If you are on a winning streak, maximize it and stop when you are losing.

You must learn to maximize your winnings and also minimize your losses. Remember, this is going to be a source of income now for you. Also watch the movie 21 for inspiration on how to make big money playing blackjack professionally.

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