Online Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions Explained

The online casino industry has managed to make the bonus terms and conditions a very confusing issue. Even if a very good number of online casinos out there are going to offer you some fair terms regarding the bonuses, it is vital that you understand clearly these terms, so that you will not have any surprises after making a deposit.

Right now it is very important that you understand exactly the terms and conditions of an online casino bonus. In order to enjoy the bonuses that you will receive you have to meet certain requirements. Currently there is no online casino out there to offer you a bonus with absolutely no wagering requirements or other types of restriction before cashing out your money.

However these terms are going to be different from one casino to another and it is up to you to understand exactly what casino can offer you the best bonus on the Internet.

Almost every casino online is going to credit the bonus automatically to your account in order to avoid any trouble for most online players. But at the same time there are a few online casinos that will require you to send them an e-mail after you make a deposit in order to have your account credited with the bonus money.

In case you don’t want to receive any bonus make sure that you get in touch with the online casino before making a deposit.

All online casinos are going to give you bonuses with some terms and conditions. This means that in order to be able to cash out the bonus money you must meet such wagering requirements.

So you must make sure that you read these conditions and understand them before you actually sign up and make your deposit. The terms will most of the time require you to wager around 7 to 20 times the amount of bonus that you receive or the deposit plus the bonus.

The conditions to convert your bonus will be different from one casino to the next. On average the bonus requirements are around 15 times, anything above that number is normally not a great deal.

Some online casinos are going to offer you a so called sticky bonus. The difference between this type of bonus and other bonuses is the fact that you will never be able to cash out such a bonus and this bonus will remain in your account after cashing out. It is only used so that you can make larger bets.

Another important part of the terms and conditions at online casinos is represented by the game restrictions. This means that the online casinos are only going to allow you to play certain games in order to clear the bonus. For example games like online craps or blackjack are usually not counting for the wagering requirements, unless you get a special bonus such as a blackjack bonus.

But at the same time there are some online casinos that will offer you special bonuses that can only be used for some games only. Read the bonus terms to know what you are getting into.

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